I’m Paulina Peliwo.

Mindset and

Life It’s all about mindest From the moment You wake up, To the moment You go to sleep . Everything is Up to You . Your thoughts Your emotions, Your perceptions, And your reactions. Every moment. Its in your hands. Every day It is a new possibiity To start over.

My Skills.

Hi my name is Paulina and I’m a mind-set and transformational coach. I have always had a calling to help out others. Not only my friends but people who I didn’t know turned to me for advice.

Putting myself in another person’s shoes comes to me naturally. I think that’s why it’s easy for me to understand what people are going through and support them in the right way.

My educational and professional background allowed me to work with people from different walks of life. This gave me the experience to provide clarity and better understanding in situations where others feel stuck or struggle to find a solution.

I believe that what is also important are the everyday values I live by and my personalised approach. They will make you feel understood and motivated to take steps to a better mind-set.

Adapting a better mind-set will automatically improve your everyday life.

Life is all about making small steps, but sometimes we do not know where to start and I am here to find your unique way to encourage journey to your own personal freedom. When you learn how to overcome your inner struggles, which you keep to yourself, you become a master of self-regeneration. This way you are then able to turn your weaknesses into strengths in order to gain emotional stability.

Power of

What if I tell you that the way your mind operates creates your reality?

That by shifting your thought process you can take healthy control over your all being.

~ We are only limited by what we think

With the Personalised mind-set approach, I will not only help you gain better understanding of yourself but also provide you with a personalised tool to start your journey of personal change.

By using personalised tool you will be able to transform your weaknesses into strength.

Imagine what we could achieve together if you find the courage to take a first step towards the life you always wanted.

Changing your Life for the better

Like in life, all good things start with a true connection which is sparked by an honest conversation.

I know if there is that one person who understands us, we can make magic happen.

We will try to understand which areas of your life need shifting in order to create the life that you always secretly dreamt of.

My work with you focuses on creating change by encouraging self-reflection and finding new, creative ways of solving any issues that arise.

What to
expect from Paulina?

Our sessions are completely personalised to you and the things you would like to achieve.

I treat every person in my life with the same level of honesty and transparency. Within this, I bring my own experiences I have gained from my life and through my personal and professional development journey. I bring encouragement and motivation to those who had been through difficult times so they can gather strength to move towards their ideal lives. I inspire my clients to look at things from a different perspective and help them understand the real change comes from being honest to themselves.

I will encourage you to honour any decisions and agreements made throughout your Journey of Personal Change.

I will ask the questions to help you discover and understand what thought patterns are holding you back so that you can start living your ideal life.

Our sessions will be fully confidential and all I ask of you is to be fully committed and open to embrace another way of thinking. If you work with me I promise we will bring positive change to your life.


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“In all the 8 years that I've known Paulina, she has always been a big support and inspiration for me. She managed to put herself in any situation that I was in, helping me to understand and reflect on my emotions so we could find a positive outcome. Paulina helped me grow as a person and supported me so I could gradually fulfil my potential. She has great listening skills and such a sense of empathy towards others that she can naturally support people in difficult situations as well as help those who need a bit of direction with improving their daily habits, tasks or relationships with others. Paulina helped me create a better relationship with myself which also extended on my environment, close people around me and whoever I meet on my way. By being humble and non-judgemental, Paulina opens the door for someone to see a problem, situation or a feeling from a different perspective”
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“Paulina is someone who is truly devoted to find new ways of improving people’s lives. Since I first met her few years ago, she always inspired me to work on my bad habits and create healthier routines.

Paulina helped me understand how my quick temper limits my ability to express emotions in a healthy way and how this affected my relationship with others and mostly with myself. With her unconditional support and non-judgemental approach, Paulina helped me find ways to come out of my unhealthy thought patterns so that I can be more present in the here and now. She introduced me to some useful techniques to manage my anger and overall helped me to be kinder to myself.

With a great deal of patience, Paulina showed me how to approach difficult situations in a way that brings positive outcome and always leaves the doors open for me. With Paulina’s help my life is now much easier, happier and healthier.”
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“When I met Paulina, I had problems communicating with other people and with myself.

I was constantly changing my job because i didn't know how to communicate with my colleagues and my managers. This caused misunderstandings and sometimes arguments. Paulina helped me build healthy relationships with other people and with myself.

I used to give a lot to others but I wasn’t giving much for myself. So I started to eat more until I didn't like the way I looked like... Paulina introduced me to a 28 day challenge approach, connected to healthy habits; not only with food but more with exercise and everyday routines. I started doing yoga and meditation. Paulina helped me understand that a healthy body means a healthy mind and the other way around.”
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“Paulina has been blessed with a really special gift which is her ability to spot all your problems and solve them with no waffle. I’ve been advised by Paulina for few years and quality of my life improved drastically. If you really want to make changes and live healthy and happy life, Paulina is the person who can help you move mountains and being the best YOU, you can imagine.”


Are you lacking motivation?

Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed?

Do you feel a bit confused?

Do you feel down or even depressed?

Do you feel like you are ignoring what you really need to do?

Do you feel you need to change something?

Or maybe you feel you are stuck?

There is that moment when we realise that we are a bit stuck and we lost our direction.

As a Coach I am here to show you that you have ability to make change in yourself and that will shift your mind.

By creating your Personalised Development Tool I will help you find your true possibilities so you can see the bigger picture and truly accept where and who you are. I will use NLP and Life coaching Techniques to support you on the journey of discovering your own wisdom, abilities and resilience.

My aim is to help you find your own understanding of the truth and help you understand that the answer you are looking for is hidden within you.

Would you like to know more about what I offer for my clients?

Please get in touch below for a free 30 minute consultation.

It is the right time to uncover your true potential.



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