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TalkDay or Self-Aware Day 🧐👁👂as we also like to call it, is ruled by Mercury 🔵

With Mercury rulling communication, today is a good day to have important conversations – either those concerning your personal or work life 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Pay attnetion to the words you use and the way you express yourself 🗣

Our tool for the day:

Communication 💬

🔹🔹Resolve any conflicts you may have or have a conversation You’ve been putting off for some time 🗣

🔹🔹Make a voice Recording for yourself – reflect on your day, speak about how you feel. Then listen to it. Pay attnetion to the sound of your voice👂, the words 💬 that you use, the energy you speak with✨

🔹🔹Name a plant 🌿after yourself and tell her each morning how beutiful it is and how much you love it 💚 This way you will be speaking lovingly to yourself everyday🙏

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