What does it really mean to have healthy boundaries?

Do you think about what other person want to do or you consider yourself first ? 

Those questions are really important since I work with clients I came to lots of realisations that most of us don’t know how to maintain the non attachment .  The non attachment is strictly connected to healthy boundaries .


According to Chad A. Buck ,PhD

“ A psychological boundary is like an imaginary fence around what thoughts ,feelings , values ,or desires belong to you .

What does an effective personal boundary look like? 

An effective boundary is neither too rigid nor too loose. 

It offers protection while still keeping you connected to others, it offers structure, it limits the energy you devote to a person or situation, and it offers you choices rather than obligations or expectations. 

Visualise a stone wall with a gate that can be opened or closed. You are the gatekeeper, and no one gets access unless you say so.”

It’s all about finding balance if you constantly feel you need to be on the go 

Why   don’t you try to stop for a moment ? 

Take a deep breath go to nature get that oxygen to your body connect to the earth connect to your body . 

Do you really feel like taking that call ? 

Do you need to respond to that message straight away ?

Or maybe you feel you have been alienating ( hiding ) for way to long ? 

When was the last time you have met that good friend of yours had a nice chat shared your experiences ? 

I used to go out to much didn’t know how to say no , that was the moment when I lost myslef . 

But sometimes we loose ourselves to find the self again . 

When I had period of alienation it was also a bit risky but it was important for me to find what I want and who I really want in my life .

Try to answer all those questions 

I will do for the next blog so we can develop deeper understanding but step by step . 

We don’t need to jump into a deep waters straight away . 

Look within 🕉

Your Fun Day Healthy Habit

Fun Day

Ruled by: Sun 🌞
Focus: Fun 🥳

Also known as: Self-Happy Day 😊🥳☺️

Self happiness starts with allowing yourself to JUST BE. Allowing to sometimes just go with the flow and see where the current takes you 🌊

🔆 Create a habit of Just being and enjoying the present moment 😊

🔅Give yourself at least one day per week when you don’t have to do anything, when you rest and recharge by letting the day enfold and doing things that brings you joy ☺️

🔅Make time for FUN 🥳

Struggling to stay in the present moment? Check out this video:

Your Goal Day Healthy Habit

Goal Day

Ruled by: Saturn 🪐
Focus: Goals, responsibilities, commitments

Also known as: Self Check Day 🤔👁✔️

Planing your commitments and responsibilities📝 allows you to create more SPACE in your mind 🧠 and more TIME in your everyday ⌛️

It also helps put things in perspective 👁 and check how far you are in the process of reaching your goals 🎯

🌀Create a habit of planning your commitments and repsponsibilities once per week

🌀 Don’t forget to slot in some time for fun 🥳 and rest too 💆🏻‍♀️ This will help you Find the balance between work and rest ☯️

If you need some help with organising and planning your week, there is plenty ideas online:

Your Self-Love Day Healthy Habit

Self-Love Day

Ruled by: Venus ⚪️
Focus: Self Love ❤️

Self-Love 😍 starts with accepting yourself – your needs, your emotions, your strenghts and your weaknesses too ☯️

It also means allowing yourself to say NO to things that don’t feel right for you.

🔆 Create a habit of saying NO without guilt or bad feelings when you don’t feel like doing sometning 🙏

🔆 Remember – sometimes saying NO to others means saying YES to yourself 💓

If you are after more ideas on how to practice self love, have a look at this video💕

Your Explore Day Healthy Habit

Explore Day

Ruled by: Jupiter 🟤
Focus: Exploring possibilities, inner growth 🔍👣🧘🏻‍♀️

Also known as: Self-Journey Day 👣☯️

Self-Journey starts with observing 👁what works for you and what doesn’t. What makes you feel good 😊 and what doesn’t make you feel that great 😔

Start observing 👀 your habits and routines and look at whether they serve you or not.

Would you feel better if you’ve done things differently? 🤔

Perhaps a very Simple change could be swapping coffee ☕️ in the morning for a more natural energizer such as an Apple 🍎

Explore healthier alternatives that work for you and don’t just offer you a quick high but a more balanced way of feeling better ☯️

You can find plenty ideas for healthier snacks or food alternatives online:

Your TalkDay Healthy Habit


Ruled by: Mercury 🔵
Focus: Communication🗣

Also known as: Self-Aware Day 🤔👁

Self-Awareness starts with paying attention to both what’s happening INSIDE and OUTSIDE of yourself.

Your behaviours (the outside) are a result of your insides – your thoughts 💭, your belifes, your perception of reality 👁

🌀🌀Create a Habit of paying attention to your THOUGHTS 💭 and your SELF TALK 🗣

🌀 For the next 28 days start practicing positive self talk. Challenge any negative thought our inner voice you hear 🤩

🌀 Be kind to yourself and use encouraging words 🙏

If you struggle to change your self talk, start by trying this 5minute self-love affirmations first thing in the morning 😊

Your Boostday Healthy Habit


Ruled by: Mars ☄️
Focus: Self-Power / Motivation 💪🔋🍎

Also known as: Self-Will Day 💪🤩

Self-Will starts with beliving in yourself and finding those little things that motivate you to keep going🙏

We feel more motivated and determinated when we FEEL GOOD – Physically💪emotionally ❤️and mentally 🧠

🔆🔆 Create a habit of giving yourslef a healthy BOOST on a daily basis 🔋

🔆 For the next 28 days start doing a short 5-10 minute stretch each day🤸‍♀️

🔆 You Can even do it from the bed in the morning to make it more enjoyable in the beginning 🙆‍♀️

🌀Our Tip: Sometimes less is more 🤩
Is better to be consistent and do 5 minutes every day than 1 hours every once in a while 😊

If you are struggling for motivation check out our favourite yoga girl Adriene:

Your Moonday Healthy Habit


Ruled by: Moon🌙
Focus: Emotions😊😃😢🤬

Also known as: Self-care day 💆🏻‍♀️🧖🏽‍♀️🕯🛀🏼🛁

Self-Care starts with giving yourself TIME ⏳
Time to breathe 👃
Time for your body to feel sensations 💃🏻
Time to for your mind 🧠 and heart ❤️ to process information and emotions.

🌀🌀Create a habit of giving yourself TIME ⏳
🌀Start with being extra SLOW on Mondays 🐌

Having a slow start of the week will automatically set the tone for the rest of the days.

🌀For 28 days start your morning with a short 5 minute Breathing exercise 👃

You can choose your own or check out the one below:

Your Fun Day tool

Fun day or Self-Happy Day 😊🥳☺️ as we also like to call it, is ruled by the Sun 🌞

With Sun rulling our creative side and our will to live, this is a good day to Focus on all the things you love the most 😍

Our tool for the day:

Fun 🥳

🔸🔸 Ditch the ‘To do list’ today and do something fun which makes you happy😊

Your Goal Day tool

Goal Day or Self Check Day 🤔👁✔️ as we also like to call it, is ruled by Saturn 🪐

With Saturn being a planet that rules our commitments and brings structure to our lives, this is a good day to focus on planning and goal setting.

Our tool for the day:

Goals, responsibilities, commitments

🔹🔹Make a list of things you want and need to do next week 📝

🔹🔹Plan your week 📆