Your Boostday Healthy Habit

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Ruled by: Mars ☄️
Focus: Self-Power / Motivation 💪🔋🍎

Also known as: Self-Will Day 💪🤩

Self-Will starts with beliving in yourself and finding those little things that motivate you to keep going🙏

We feel more motivated and determinated when we FEEL GOOD – Physically💪emotionally ❤️and mentally 🧠

🔆🔆 Create a habit of giving yourslef a healthy BOOST on a daily basis 🔋

🔆 For the next 28 days start doing a short 5-10 minute stretch each day🤸‍♀️

🔆 You Can even do it from the bed in the morning to make it more enjoyable in the beginning 🙆‍♀️

🌀Our Tip: Sometimes less is more 🤩
Is better to be consistent and do 5 minutes every day than 1 hours every once in a while 😊

If you are struggling for motivation check out our favourite yoga girl Adriene:

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