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Ruled by: Mercury 🔵
Focus: Communication🗣

Also known as: Self-Aware Day 🤔👁

Self-Awareness starts with paying attention to both what’s happening INSIDE and OUTSIDE of yourself.

Your behaviours (the outside) are a result of your insides – your thoughts 💭, your belifes, your perception of reality 👁

🌀🌀Create a Habit of paying attention to your THOUGHTS 💭 and your SELF TALK 🗣

🌀 For the next 28 days start practicing positive self talk. Challenge any negative thought our inner voice you hear 🤩

🌀 Be kind to yourself and use encouraging words 🙏

If you struggle to change your self talk, start by trying this 5minute self-love affirmations first thing in the morning 😊

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