‘’ Neuronsdaily 7 ways for 7 days ‘’

Name explanation:

During my studies related to human behaviours I came across something what really took my attention, that there are neurons in the heart same as in the brain and this creates a neurological communication.

So if there are neurons in the heart it would be really important to try to connect our heart to the mind and to do that it is significant to understand what we feel and how we feel in certain moments, days and situations. Cannon believed the autonomic nervous system and all of the related physiological responses moved in concert with the brain’s response to any given stimulus or challenge.

So if there is stimulus or challenge it would be important to take a deep breath and wait for a moment to connect to your inner self. Situational approach is really important and it means to be able to adjust to the way we find ourselves. Lacey’s continuous study about that has shown that the heart has its own logic that frequently diverged from the direction of autonomic nervous system activity.

So for me it’s clear that lots starts within our heart as their connector with mind are neurotransmitters. For me personally ‘’neuronsdaily ‘’ (7ways for 7 days) is a connector between the heart and the mind via invisible line of understanding.  Moreover, that line is an understanding that there is something beyond us.

As above so below instead of constantly being confused I created the systems which helped me to tune in with my inner self.

Learning the planets associated with the body can offer vital understanding about the connection we humans have with our Universe.

What is it? You know that.

Each planet:

  • represents different days of the week.

So looking at this from this perspective, every planet represents different types of energy and aspects in our life.

So one day I woke up and I’ve been thinking and contemplating what could I do about it

Then, I realised what if? Hmmm

Every day of the week I name it in a way related to the planets.

What if that would be a good way?

What if that could improve the way we feel about our daily routines?

To be able to connect to the energies of the Earth within the Universe to our human existence

What could that help with?

  • It will help me to become wiser and become more connected to myself. That could be very interesting.

So every day of the week is a different day. Every day is the new day to start a new journey. Neuronsdaily can be very helpful.

In the next post I will give more details and original names of the week I have created I wonder what you will think about it?

If you feel you need someone to talk just drop me a message and I will get back to you to set up free 1:1 online consultation.

Sending Love <3

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Healthy Habits

Today in our first post I would like to talk about:

How important is to create healthy habits?

What do you usually do on a regular basis?

What is your morning routine?

Do you have one?

For me, everything started with the healthy habits. It is all about healthy approach and mind-set.

What if we feed the mind with the right thoughts?

– With the right thoughts.

Everything changes.

Step by little step.

Creating a mindset of your dreams

Is it important how we feel?

I believe asking questions is a good way of understanding yourself and that gives us an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

But maybe sometimes creating healthy habits is about building a healthy routine.

Everyone is different so what would be a good start-up habit for you does not have to be the same for me or anyone else.

What kind of habit would be good for you?

  • It would be important to be honest within yourself and create habits which are realistic for you to be able to progress them and remain consistent, motivated and determined.

To start with:

  • I know that it takes 28 days to unlearn or learn new habits. Scientifically they say it is 21.
  • I have created 28 days challenge because I believe that the extra Seven days is for my own self-reflection.

What kind of habit would you like to start to work on from tomorrow?

My first daily habit was to quit caffeine.

That was for my body.


In my opinion it felt that I was attached to caffeine and liked it a bit too much, and for some reason I have come to a conclusion that caffeine created different cravings within myself such as sugar and cigarettes.

How about you?

What is good for you?

Do you want to start with something?

What is good for your mind, your heart or your body?

Take your time. Try to find a way to understand that small steps make BIG CHANGES  

Find a way good for you.

Start with an easy challenge. That is the best way.

Little steps can take us to bigger destinations of our hidden dreams.

If you wish to find out more info about how to create healthy habits drop me a message we can arrange online 1:1 free consultation.