Boost Day

Ruled by: Mars ☄️
Focus: Self-Power / Motivation 💪🔋🍎

Tuesday is ruled by Mars ☄️
Mars is the planet of energy ✨action 💥and desire. Mars is the push that gets us out of bed in the morning, our active energy.
This is a good day to look at what motivates you and get things done. Take advantage of that raw action energy to do the things you’ve been prolonging and which have been taking space in your mind.📚🗃🧹

Ask yourself:

• What drives/motivates you? 🤔

• What gives you energy? What boosts your mood? 🤩🤸🏻‍♂️

• How can you approach certain things you don’t like to do and make them more enjoyable? 💃🏻


Ruled by: Moon🌙
Focus: Emotions😊😃😢🤬
Moonday is ruled by the Moon 🌙
Moon rules our spontaneous reactions and feelings.
This is a good day to slow down 🐌 and pay attention to how you feel and how you react to certain situations👀

Ask yourself:

• Are you in tune with your emotions?🤔

• Do you give yourself enough time to process your emotions?⌛️

• What do you do when you feel upset or emotionally drained? How do you help yourself?💆🏻‍♀️

Introducing Neuronsdaily

Snail your way 🐌

For a better day 😊

What is Neuronsdaily?

🌀New perspective 


🌀Your daily reminder:

 ▪️To remain present🎁

 ▪️To slow your way🐌

 ▪️To connect the dots 🔁🔍🔗

🐌Neuronsdaily 🐌 is a new, fresh perspective of looking at the days of the week👁

It considers astrological aspects of days and the planets each day of the week is ruled by🪐

It looks at how every planet represents different type of the energy and aspects of our life✨

Considering days from astrological point of view can give us direction and ideas as to what we should pay particular attention to on certain days to create balance between our mind🧠, body💆🏻‍♀️ and soul✨

The idea behind it is that tapping into the energy of the planet which rules a particular day, should make it easier for us to explore our possibilities and thus create healthier habits through a combination of visualisation👁, observation👀 and activities🤸🏻‍♂️

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